Give your furniture a new look with chalk paint.

What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint is a great type of paint to use when you want to create a chalky texture on furniture, walls, and other objects. There are many different applications that will work with chalk paint, but it is mostly used to upgrade older furniture pieces.

Hardly Any Prep Needed

If you don’t like the time and drudgery of priming and sanding a surface to prep it for painting, then chalk paint is something that you should look into. It doesn’t need any striping, sanding, or lengthy prep before applying it to a surface. It can be used for indoor and outdoor uses, and is available in a variety of different colors.

Change It To Your Liking

Chalk paint is best when used just as it is out of the can, but it can also be altered to further diversify its creative uses. It can be thickened when allowed exposure to the air for a period of time, or, by adding water it will become smoother and finer. If more water is added it can be made into a wash.

You Can Be Creative With It

You can really emphasize the natural grain patterns in wood by applying a light coat of the chalk paint. It is also possible to apply it in a way that gives a smooth and robust appearance. This paint is really versatile allowing you to be creative in your decorative design. Just use your imagination.

Don't Buy New Furniture

There are so many different possibilities when it comes to using chalk paint for furniture. Combining it with different decorating tools or improvised applicators will create stunning patterns and allows you to have a great time breathing new life into your home’s decor. Workshops are available to learn how to chalk paint in Houston and surrounding areas, or online. Start redecorating with chalk paint today.